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Drafting a New Story: Women's Rights in the Middle East

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By John Silva

One of the most remarkable and under-reported cultural institutions in the Middle East today is the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra.  The INSO’s performing artists represent the great diversity of Iraq.  I interviewed Zuhal Sultan in 2007 in the New Society Journal at Harvard University and the Orchestra has since received worldwide acclaim.  Ms. Sultan was then the youngest member of the INSO and a distinguished pianist.

While still a teenager, Zuhal Sultan went on to form the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq in 2009, serving as Founder and Artistic Director.  Allegra Klein, Founder of Musicians for Harmony, serves as the Director of Education and Cultural Affairs.  I encourage you to learn about Zuhal’s life story and the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq.

Media coverage of Zuhal Sultan is in the Times LondonWall Street Journal and BBC.

Watch this video of Zuhal Sultan performing with Andrew Staples:


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