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Drafting a New Story: Women's Rights in the Middle East

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The following film was written and directed by Amanda Abou Abdallah, a recent graduate of University of the Holy Spirit in Lebanon, focusing on Audio Visual Arts. She wrote and directed this short film, Empty Talk (Haké Bala Ta3mé), which features the monologues of five women. She writes that the women talk about their “inner struggles, fears, dreams, and self image. Each one has a different story to tell but somehow they are all connected.” The film has brought Abou Abdallah many awards, including Best Short Film at the 2009 European Film Festival, 2nd Prize at the 2009 NDU Lebanon Film Festival, and was chosen as an official selection at the 2010 Monaco Film Festival and the 2010 Student Film Festival.

Empty Talk/ حكي بلا طعمه

MTV Lebanon interviewed Abou Abdallah about her film.  She discussed her education as a filmmaker, inspiration, writing process, and issues she addressed in Empty Talk.

See Abou Abdallah’s other work on vimeo.

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