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Drafting a New Story: Women's Rights in the Middle East

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When art and activism join forces, you can expect some truly remarkable results! Here is a video featured on YouTube by Nasawiya, a self-declared Feminist Collective based in Beirut.  Nasawiya has worked to reign in the Internet as part of the feminist-activism campaigns, using the creativity and technical skills of the collaborators and participants to create art that doubles as a public messaging campaign. In this film, a young woman in Beirut opens her door over and over again only to hear judgmental, sexist comments about her appearance being lobbied at her from the street below. Every time she goes to the door, opening it becomes harder and harder.

Nasawiya works on many other projects, including tech-based trainings for women, cooperating with other women’s rights and feminist forums in the Arab World, and supporting a migrant-worker task force.

Check out Nasawiya’s website, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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