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Drafting a New Story: Women's Rights in the Middle East

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This month, the British newspaper The Independent has released a series of articles marking the culmination of 10 months of research on honor killings in the Middle East.  Led by renown journalist Robert Fisk, the article sought to dismantle several “truths” on the nature of honor killings: it is not, they discovered, limited to one country, to Muslims, or even to women-men have been the victims of such crimes as well.

Follow the links to find out what Fisk and The Independent found in their research:

“The Crime Wave That Shames the World,” September 7, 2010.

“Relatives With Blood on their Hands,” September 8, 2010.

“The Lie Behind Mass ‘Suicides’ of Egypt’s Young Women,” September 9, 2010.

“The Truth About ‘Honour’ Killings,” September 10, 2010.

“A Place of Refuge from Fear and Guilt,” September 10, 2010.

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