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Drafting a New Story: Women's Rights in the Middle East

Submissions Welcome! Please submit your original pieces of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, art, or political analysis.

AIC is proud to inaugurate seminal publication on women’s rights in the Middle East entitled A Modern Narrative for Muslim Women in the Middle East. We have spent the last two years (2008-2010) nurturing the development of a progressive, modern “Narrative” for Muslim women in the Middle East.  Our project has blossomed from an annual conference of women’s rights activists in Cairo, Egypt, to include our latest publication of the same name.  Moving away from a reductionist examination of women’s rights and its detractors, AIC’s “Narrative” analyzes this movement on a social, economic, religious, legal, and political levels.  The pages of the “Narrative” read not only as a personal testimony to the conditions of the women’s movement in our five target countries–Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt–but also feature recommendations for policy and programming from our writers geared towards improving women’s rights across the Middle East.  We hope that our publication serves as a template for women’s activists and policymakers, and as an inspiration to those women hoping to implement this new narrative into their own lives.

Download your copy of A Modern Narrative For Muslim Women in the Middle East.


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