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Drafting a New Story: Women's Rights in the Middle East

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Originally Published by Arab News, January 16, 2011

By Diana Al-Jassem

JEDDAH: For the first time in the Kingdom, an initiative fostering dialogue between successful Saudi women and other aspiring female members of the public, will kick off in Jeddah on Jan. 25.

The initiative will also be launched across the Kingdom, after Jeddah, to inspire Saudi women.

It will host successful Saudi women who have excelled academically and professionally and been active participants in public service and developmental programs. Among those attending will be leading female media personalities, businesswomen, artists and photographers to name a few.

The Jeddah event will be the first monthly panel of the “Inspirational Dialogues” initiative, launched by Unilever KSA as a part of its CSR programs in the Kingdom. The panel includes an open discussion session entitled “Your Success is Our Inspiration.”

“It will take place in Jeddah then move to the rest of the Kingdom’s cities to create an interactive platform that brings together women representing different generations and creative groups in Saudi society. The initiative targets women who have managed to overcome all sorts of social, economical and educational barriers,” said Tawfeeq Al- Akhras, marketing director of food and beverages at Unilever KSA.

“Our aim is to help attendees find a role model that would encourage them to pursue their ambitions and build a better future for themselves. We are very proud to launch this initiative, because it creates a stepping stone for young Saudi women to start exploring new paths for themselves that fulfill their personal ambitions and enhance their role in building a better future,” said Al-Akhras.

The event will comprise three main topics: Inspiration to Set an Example, Achievement by Understanding Reality, and Ambition and Understanding the Future.

Nazik Al-Emam, a presenter on Saudi radio, said the initiative has been made possible due to the positive achievements of Saudi women.


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